[[ I still have no idea how to draw Apple’s legs and when I do they keep getting longer. Soon enough she’ll be 50 feet tall. ]]

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Emi: But it’s fun being squishy! Daddy says I’m special, so it makes me happy to be all squishy! You’re squishy too? *giggles* You look fluffy, tiny mouse friend!

Apple: Isn’t it? I’m more fluffy than squishy I think. When I get wet it looks like I haven’t eaten for dayssss. I like your neat flame by the way! By the way, what’s your name? I’m Apple!

Would you mind if I could get a hug? We can check out each others squishyness. *She giggles in return.*

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Fuan: I-If anything, Mom’s the only important one of the three of us. She’s head of the Evolutionary Trials Division within the Council. Pretty important pokemon.

Jeian: The Council’s not in charge of takin’ care of the island though! We protect the forest since it’s our home, but the humans are in charge of the Northern and Central peaks, since they bury the de— Oh no! My illusion broke… :c

Apple: Your illusion is still really neat! Could you do anything bigger than that? My friend Kimchee’s big bIG! Have you ever seen a Pangoro? *She stops talking to squint and curl up to sneeze.* Sorry—! Uhm, why is this place filled up with so much mist? It’s really hard to see you even if you’re bigger than me I can only see your face and sort of your back.

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Too bad if my hand hurts.

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Apple does a backflip landing before someone. "Pretty good huh?" Gleams. "I'm apple, it's nice to meet you!" She holds out a paw, little do they know that she was gonna give them a small zap. Woohoo little prank.


[ Kodona simply paps the dendenne with his tail.]

[[ I completely forgot that pranks weren’t a thing inside the sleeping bits. 4give me. It was too late by the time I remembered. ]]

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"Please please please!! I promise to treat it well!"

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*NyOOMS all over the Eevee to puff their fur then stands by for a reaction* Hello, I'm Apple! Soon enough the fur will consume you! *She laughs and waves her arms around trying to look spoopy*
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A simple pap with his tail was the Skittys’ answer, A fairly non-threatening gesture.

*Apple bounced.*

I’ll take it you’re not mad then! Hey, what’s your name? I’m Apple. Are you someone’s pet? That’s a pretty ribbon you got there!

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[[ Just a reminder that this blog is also RP friendly? It’ll just take 20 years for me to reply.

I really want to have a relationship page up someday and maybe I could draw up little profiles for the characters—!! ]]

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Fare’s impressed.   that’s her impressed face. She’s very good with her emotions.

Did I interrupt something?

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